Learn JavaScript

Global Scope

To be able to access any variable, we need to ensure that it is accessible to us. The accessibility of a variable is determined by scope.

Broadly speaking, Global Scope and Local Scope are the two kinds of scope in JavaScript.

A variable that is outside any function or a code block {...} in the program is in the global scope.

Such variables are called global variables. A JavaScript document can have only one global scope that contains all the other local scopes inside it.

In the example given above, name and hobby are global variables since they are outside any function or code block {...} in the program. We can access a global variable from anywhere within the global scope. Therefore, the first two console.log statements can print values in the output.

However, age is inside the showAge function. It does not belong to the global scope. It instead belongs to the local scope of the function showAge. Therefore, we can not access its value using the third console.log statement.