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String Methods

Padding a string from the start

The padStart() method adds padding to a string with another string until it reaches the required length. It applies padding from the start of the string.

The method takes two arguments - finalLength and paddingString. The first argument is the length of the resulting string and the second argument is the string used for padding.

In the example given above, we are padding the string Sam with the paddingString * until the length of Sam reaches the value given by finalLength i.e. 10.

In the example given above, the value of finalLength is less than the length of the original string. Therefore, it returns the original string without padding.

In the example given above, since the length of paddingString is greater than the value of finalLength, it only pads the left-most part. The rest of the paddingString is skipped.

In the example given above, since we do not provide the paddingString argument, it takes the default value " ".