Initialize Method

Initializer in Coffeemaker

In the last few lessons we wrote code like this.

coffee1 =

This works but it would be nice when we are creating the instance we can give some values to it. For example we should be able to say to the Cofeemaker that make a hot coffee. Right now what we are doing is that we are asking Coffeemaker to make a coffee and then we are asking the instance to be “hot”.

We should be able to do this.

coffee1 ="hot")

Ruby has a special method called initialize. The method initialize is called when a class creates an instance. So far we had not been making use of initialize method but now are going to make use of the initialize method.

This initialize method is in all the classes sitting at the top doing nothing. In reality our CoffeeMaker looks like this.

class CoffeeMaker
  def initialize


When we are doing"hot") we are passing argument “hot” to the initialize method. So far we have not been using it but now let’s use it.