Creating tables

CREATE TABLE - Data types

When creating a new table, we need to specify the data type for each column we want there to exist in the table. A data type is simply a specification of what kind of data is stored in that column. Take a look at the CREATE TABLE statement below.

In the statement, id stores an integer, name and age store text data, resume stores a file, and graduationPercetage stores decimal values. The data types against them show similar values.

Here are a few valid data types in SQLITE, the database this course runs on.

INTEGER Stores values that are integer in nature
REAL Stores floating point numbers/decimal numbers
TEXT Stores character data
BLOB Stores binary large objects, like files
NULL When the data type is not clear

Other databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL have many similar to this and many other data types, sometimes many specializations of a single kind like INTEGER and TEXT. For example, MySQL supports INT, TINYINT, SMALLINT, MEDIUMINT and BIGINT as different variations for INTEGER, and VARCHAR, TEXT for various kinds of texts.