Inserting data in tables

Inserting records in a table

Take a look at the table students below. It has 18 records. Let’s say we want to add another record to this table, for a new student.

To insert records in a table, we use the SQL INSERT INTO statement. Run the SQL statement below.

Notice the extra record at the end of the table, created by the statement that was run.

The statement starts with the keywords INSERT INTO, followed by the name of the table the records is being inserted into (in this case, students). This is followed by the keyword VALUES which simply means what set of values is to be inserted in the table as a new record. This is followed by the actual values of the new record row, in the exact sequence and data type of columns of the table, inside parentheses.

The columns sequence in students is id(INTEGER), name(TEXT), age(INTEGER), grade(INTEGER), course(TEXT) and marks(INTEGER). So by the above INSERT INTO statement, we actually mean, we are pushing a new students record with id 19, name ‘Henry’, age 12, grade 7, course ‘Java’ and marks 56.